U.S. Visa and Immigration Legal Services

Visa applications for business investors are among the most complex of all visa categories. Whether you are an individual investor or a multinational company, Hodkinson Law Group can provide professional advice and assistance. We handle in excess of 100 of E-2 visa applications each year and maintain updated knowledge of the rapidly changing procedures at the U.S. Embassy in London.

We can assist at all stages in the investment and visa application process, from preliminary enquiries to the issuance of an E-2 visa. We can also offer immigration-related advice on proposed investments and common pitfalls faced during the investment and visa application process. The firm works closely with all visa applicants, taking into particular consideration the personal circumstances and expertise of each client. We respond rapidly to phone calls and emails to ensure constant communication with clients.

We schedule an initial consultation meeting (for a fee) to obtain relevant information in order to determine the best strategy for our clients’ personal circumstances. During the consultation, we provide detailed advice concerning the most appropriate visa strategy, as well as providing a detailed explanation of the relevant visa application procedures, timing and and costs.

Helping Individual and Corporate Investors with Visas and Green Cards

Kehrela Hodkinson has been practicing U.S. immigration law for the past 29 years, and has been based in London for the past 16 years. During this time she has prepared numerous E-2 visa applications at the U.S. Embassy in London with an extremely high success rate.

With over ____ years of combined experience in immigration law and in-depth knowledge of the relevant regulations, attorneys at the Hodkinson Law Group can provide detailed advice on all business and family immigration matters. Our team is extremely knowledgeable about visa processing at the U.S. Embassy in London.

U.S. immigration attorneys at Hodkinson Law Group, based in London, England, UK, help individuals and corporate investors apply for a US visa. Our U.S. immigration lawyers assist with E2 visa applications (E-2 visas), EB5 immigration (including EB-5 US visas and EB5 green cards), nonimmigrant visa petitions, U.S. citizenship, work permits, naturalization, permanent residency, and expatriation issues. Contact a US immigration lawyer at our London office today.