U.S. Immigration Lawyers for Investors

America is the land of entrepreneurship. Investing in a new or existing U.S. business can be an excellent opportunity. The investment and visa process is complicated, however, and even the most sophisticated investor often requires assistance.

U.S. immigration law firm Hodkinson Law Group, based in London, helps individual and corporate investors obtain appropriate visas. We also provide immigration guidance with respect to the regulations which govern investment decisions, such as determining how much to invest, assessing business profitability as it relates to visa eligibility and advising on requirements to obtain visas for employees.

Hodkinson Law Group can help determine which visa is most appropriate to enable an individual to accomplish their goals. An E-2 visa may be a viable option for investors who seek to purchase a business in the United States.

Serving Individuals and Businesses

The firm serves a broad range of clients seeking to make business investments in the U.S., including small business owners, high net-worth individuals and multinational companies.

Led by principal Kehrela Hodkinson, who has been practicing U.S. immigration law for the past 30 years, the legal team at Hodkinson Law Group has a combined 65 years of experience in immigration law. The experience and background of our lawyers make us uniquely positioned to understand and meet individual needs. All of our attorneys are licensed in the United States and have experienced relocation to the United Kingdom. In addition, based on the feedback from numerous clients after their interviews at the U.S. Embassy in London, we stay abreast of rapidly changing requirements and procedures.

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U.S. immigration attorneys at Hodkinson Law Group, based in London, England, UK, help individuals and corporate investors apply for a US visa. Our U.S. immigration lawyers assist with E2 visa applications (E-2 visas), EB5 immigration (including EB-5 US visas and EB5 green cards), nonimmigrant visa petitions, U.S. citizenship, work permits, naturalization, permanent residency, and expatriation issues. Contact a US immigration lawyer at our London office today.